Work to improve the overall environment in the Outpatients department for patients at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital continues as new chairs for the waiting area have been kindly purchased by the hospital’s League of Friends.

Almost 150 chairs were purchased – some of which are bespoke of varying heights to meet the needs of patients who have had hip surgery.

The new chairs form part of a wider project to revamp the Outpatients department in order to improve the overall patient experience. Other works carried out in the department include improvements to lighting and heating, as well as a fresh lick of paint.

Liz Reece, Outpatients team manager, said the purchase of the chairs was part of a long process, which involved input from patients from the Trust’s Patient Panel, as well as Physiotherapists.

She said: “We’re delighted with the purchase of the new chairs, not only are they benefiting our patients by making the waiting area more comfortable overall, they’re also better for our staff, as they’re more modern and lightweight to move around, for example if we need to move them for patients with wheelchairs.

“Most of the older chairs were not only old but actually unsuitable too, so uncomfortable for patients and relatives. These new chairs ensure that the Outpatients waiting area is a comfortable place and due to the varying heights, tailored to the needs of individuals.

“I’d like to thank the League of Friends for their generous donation, we can assure them these chairs are already making a difference.”

Liz said where possible, some of the old chairs have been utilised elsewhere in the hospital.

The new chairs cost the League of Friends a total of £25,000.

Victoria Sugden, charity director of the League of Friends, said: “Liz came to the League asking us to fund the chairs, after explaining the then situation in Outpatients and the impact it was having on patients, and from our point of view this is exactly the sort of project we’d like to be involved in, one that has a direct impact on the comfort of patients, whilst they are waiting to be seen.

“I believe all of the feedback about the new chairs has been extremely positive, and we’re thrilled that they are making a difference to patients and relatives.”