North Shropshire College’s (NSC) Walford Campus recently celebrated passing it’s Muller Dairy inspection.

The inspection took place on the Walford Farm in Baschurch and was designed to look at the health and condition of the dairy herd, as well as the condition of housing provided for the animals, and if there was any lameness within the herd.

The NSC dairy herd regularly performs well in the additional “Red Tractor” inspection, which is also carried out in conjunction with the Muller assessment. This inspection also focuses on key areas that are important to consumers, such as animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection, and is one of the most comprehensive assessments of animal welfare and livestock quality in the world to date.

Richard Aldis, farm manager at NSC, said: “We are pleased to say that we have passed the inspection.

"The excellent assessment we received from Muller is a testament to the high standards and commitment of the staff on the Walford Farm, and we hope to continue with the high standard of dairy production and animal welfare in the future.”

The excellent result also comes in time for the forthcoming unveiling of the new milk vending machine at the campus which will give staff, students and visitors a taste of the dairy products produced on the farm, which will take place at the college’s annual spring lambing day on Sunday, March 25 at 11.30am.