Talks to boost Oswestry’s economy and agricultural future have taken place.

Members of the town council and Oswestry Livestock Auctions met earlier this week to discuss trade, promotion of the market and wider business issues.

They also looked at opportunities for the town and the agricultural industry and how the two organisations can work together in the future.

The visit included a tour looked of the facilities that were revamped in 2015, plus trading, management and performance systems.

Jonathan Bevan, of Oswestry Livestock Auctions, said: “The market was delighted to welcome the Mayor and colleagues to visit us on a trading day.

“We are proud of our facilities, our trading reputation and our relationship with the town council is long standing and very important.

“As Oswestry discusses economic and tourism opportunities, and the potential to create a business improvement district, then it is important that the Oswestry Livestock Market and our significance to local employment and the local economy is recognised.”

The Mayor, Councillor Vince Hunt, acknowledged the close link between the livestock market and the council, adding: “As the market authority for Oswestry then the future for livestock sales is very important to us.

“We are proud of our livestock market, the recent massive investment as made and the excellent facilities available. It is one of the most respected and vibrant livestock markets in England.

“As a council we are looking at how we can continue to help raise the profile of both the economic and community importance of the market. Agriculture is a major local industry and Oswestry Livestock Market is at the heart of its trade and employment.

“We congratulate the partners of the market for their ambition and success in providing Oswestry with a livestock auction of national acclaim and we looking forward to continue working closely with them in 2018.”