The National Farmers Union Cymru is reminding farmers that the 2018 Annual Sheep and Goat Inventory forms must be returned by the start of next month.

The form, which NFU Cymru says is a legal requirement, must be returned by no later than February 1 to avoid an increased risk of being selected for an inspection.

The inventory should include the number of sheep and goats of which the farmer is the registered keeper, by CPH location, on January 1, 2018 while farmers must also record the number of sheep and goats on the same date in their on-farm flock record to avoid a potential cross-compliance penalty.

This year, sheep and goat keepers have the option of completing the form online via

However keepers must have registered to EIDCymru prior to submitting the online inventory return. If you are completing the form electronically, you do not need to return the paper form.

NFU Cymru Livestock Board Chairman Wyn Evans said: “Farmers should have received the forms by January 1 and with a relatively short time period left to get the inventory form completed I would urge all sheep and goat keepers to prioritise this work.”

Further information is available from the EIDCymru service helpline on 01970 636959 or e-mail