Shropshire landowners are advised to seek professional advice before signing a deal with Airband to host its equipment on their property.

Airband has a three-year contract with Shropshire Council to deliver a network of more than 200 sites to provide superfast broadband to more than 14,000 homes and businesses across the county.

The company needs to locate wooden poles with a number of dishes on land at selected sites, typically in elevated positions.

Since securing its contract in July, Airband has contacted several landowners wishing to agree terms for hosting equipment for a 10-year term. The approach involves brief terms including a rent level and potential for a broadband connection.

“It is a very good opportunity for landowners and communities,” said Shaun Jones, a rural professional director at Halls’ headquarters in Shrewsbury. “I am delighted Shropshire Council has incentivised the roll out of this project.

“My only concern is the written document proposed is brief which leaves too much scope for future problems.

“It is vitally important a rent review provision with the correct frequency and basis is agreed. Another crucial point is that, at the end of the lease, the equipment is removed and the site fully reinstated.

“These types of agreement, where a rent will be paid, start off with both parties being content. If the operator, however, sells the business during the 10-year term of the lease, the landlord could end up with a tenant who is less reasonable.”

He added: “It is a case of striking the right balance when negotiating terms and concluding the paperwork.”

For further information contact Mr Jones at Halls on 01743 450700 or