Let joy be unconfined as Kinokulture cinema re-opens this week.

Screening this weekend and next Thursday is the well-received psychodrama, Shirley (15), starring Elizabeth Moss as the title character, a horror writer struggling both to finish her latest novel and to stay sane in a claustrophobic marriage.

Her husband invites one of his students and their wife to stay and the scene is set for a tense four hander as Shirley and the wife bond in unexpected ways. Moss is great at playing women on the edge as her turn in The Handmaid’s Tale aptly shows, and I’m a sucker for any film where the setting, in this case a large rambling house, looks as much a character as the actors.

Set in the 1940s this looks an edge of your seat treat, tickets from www.kinokulture.org.uk.

BBC iPlayer’s season of British films continues with Lynn & Lucy from first time director Fyzal Boulifa. A Ken Loach-esque tale of two lifelong friends in their late 20s who find their friendship tested after tragedy strikes.

The film is a welcome examination of staunchly working class lives, the kind of tale that never quite goes where you expect and although resolutely downbeat at times, there’s no denying the passion and commitment behind the two fantastic lead performances.

Finally, if you like the idea of watching a group of slightly-deranged people running, hurtling and falling head over heels (literally) down a 45 degree hill in Gloucestershire while chasing a large disc of cheese, Netflix has the show for you.

We Are The Champions is a six-part series looking at bizarre competitions around the world and alighting on the Brockworth Cheese Rolling event for episode one. Nothing else has made me laugh so much this year, while also making me proud of our amazing island and the people in it.

All hail the cheese.