There was an early Christmas surprise for one woman from Ellesmere, as her baby arrived ahead of schedule – and outside Overton Library.

Katie Taylor was eagerly awaiting the birth of her daughter, who was due on December 20.

However on Tuesday, December 18, 27-year-old Katie was woken up by a contraction at 6.30am.

After contacting her parents, Glynn Taylor and Debbie Hinton, Katie got her five-year-old son Bailey ready for school and at 7.45am, she told her dad that she needed to go to hospital as her contractions were just two and a half minutes apart.

"I said to him 'Dad, I really need to go!" said Katie.

"My waters broke as we were driving along, and my dad turned around and said 'Don't worry love'.

"But I really felt like I needed to push, so my dad pulled the car over in front of the library in Overton.

"My mum was on the phone to the ambulance, we had the car door open and I was resting against my dad."

The paramedics on the other end of the phone were instructing Katie's parents on what to do and to help her along, but when the baby was finally born, there were some complications.

"The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and she was blue and not crying," she said.

"We were waiting for the ambulance but I honestly just thought that was it, she wouldn't make it.

"My dad was able to unwrap the cord from neck and put his finger down her throat to try and clear the mucus, and eventually we got a little whimper out of her."

The next step was to cut the cord, and without scissors available, Katie's mum thought about using the dressing gown string to cut the cord.

"Luckily the ambulance turned up, and the paramedics were worried about her so they took her to Wrexham Maelor for a general check up, but she was fine and we were home at 4.30pm the same day," added Katie.

Brooke Jasmine Taylor weighed 7lbs 11oz, and Katie said she's doing well.

"I am traumatised," said Katie.

"It was a complete surprise but I'm just pleased she's ok.

"My dad is absolutely proud as punch – it's not every day you get to deliver your own granddaughter."