The GCSE league tables have been released showing which schools have been most successful across the county and in and around the Whitchurch, Wem and Ellesmere areas.

Lakelands Academy, in Oswestry Road, Ellesmere, Thomas Adams School, in Lowe Hill Road in Wem, and Sir John Talbot’s School, in Tilstock Road Whitchurch, all scored more than 40 for the attainment eight score category which recognises how well pupils have performed in up to eight qualifications.

This includes core subjects English and Maths, as well as three English Baccalaureate qualifications including science, history, geography and another three approved qualifications.

Ellesmere College and Physis Heathgates haven’t published their progression score however Sir John Talbot’s and Thomas Adams have attained an average score whereas Lakelands is below average.

This is according to the progress pupils have made between the end of Key Stage two and the end of Key Stage four calculated by individual results.

David O’Toole, headteacher at Sir John Talbot’s School, says there has been excellent progress.

“Sir John Talbot’s has been gearing up for the challenge of the new number grades at GCSE resulting in excellent progress," he said. "Our Progress 8 measure finished at +0.17 which demonstrates that we are supporting students to reach more than their potential and in some cases exceptional performance achieving the top grade 9 in English and Maths.

“Our A level cohort has done equally well with a positive progress measure of +0.08.

“We are determined to create opportunities for all our students to access the new high standard of Grade 5 and we are confident that this year’s cohort will be even better prepared when it comes to the final examination.

“We have been working closely with exam boards and the Pixl schools to ensure that our students have been prepared in examination technique and that all subjects are adapting to the recent changes.

“Exams have a far greater emphasis on final examination and less so on controlled assessment which we factor in to teaching and learning across the school.

“Our revision programme has begun with our ‘Steps to Success’ evening where parents experienced time in an exam hall to help emphasize the changes students are facing as a result of the national shift to terminal assessment."

He added: "He believe that understanding exam board specifications, high quality teaching and learning and good revision technique combined with parental support will bring about the success our students deserve in the coming year.”

A total of 32 per cent of pupils at Thomas Adams School achieved grade five/C or above across core subjects and areas including languages, history and geography, 24 per cent of students at Lakelands and 14 per cent of students at Sir John Talbots.

Some of the results were suppressed to protect the individuals who attend a school with five or fewer pupils.