A warning has been issued after a fire broke out in a terraced house located on Church Green in Cockshutt on New Year’s Day.

The fire that was in the upstairs bedroom of a three-bedroomed property was caused by an electrical fault in an incompatible charger.

Two fire brigades were mobilised from Baschurch and Ellesmere, and the occupants managed to get out safely.

It was quickly contained and firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to monitor the fire and make sure it was out.

Group manager (prevention), Guy Williams, of Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service said an increasing number of e-cigarettes are exploding because they are being charged with non-standard chargers.

“Never leave a charging device unattended and unplug it immediately after use. Only use the original charger supplied and don’t mix components from different e-cigarettes.”

Fire officials believe many accidents have been caused by people not using compatible charges sold with their devices, meaning too much current passes through batteries, causing them overheat and explode.

Flammable material can shoot out up to three metres and set light to anything combustible it lands on.

Specialist fire retardant bags can be bought for around £5 which can be used when batteries are being charged. The bags are designed to contain the battery and charger whilst on charge.