A dog waste litter bin on Cambria Avenue, Ellesmere has been left in an overflowing state by Shropshire Council.

Residents were left angry after the bin was missed and reported the problem to the council to be told that it would be emptied in the next few days.

The bin is located on the way to Ellesmere Primary School so children have to walk past it going to and from school.

Resident, Kirsty Cottam said: “It’s awful that it has been left to get in that state but there’s also so much that doesn’t get picked up either.

“I live down Wharf Road and it’s one of the main dog walking routes due to being near to the canal and the middle of town and the dog mess down here is horrendous.

“It’s a shame that not everyone had the same forethought to collect their dog mess and put it in a bin to be disposed of, but then it doesn’t help when bins are left overflowing. It doesn’t send a good message out to people.”

The bin is located near to Jill Adger’s house.

She said: “Even on a cold day it smells somewhat. Children have to walk past this on their way to and from school.”

The dog bin was emptied after three days of the residents reporting it.

Chris Fisher, Shropshire Council’s highways manager – north west, said: “The dog waste bin in Cambria Avenue, Ellesmere is emptied weekly by Ringway, our street maintenance contractor. It was last done on Tuesday, January 9.”

To report a issue you can contact Shropshire Council through their website or their social media pages.