A FATHER and son jumped into the mere in Ellesmere last week when they saw what seemed to be a child floating in the water.

James Dowley and his father, Robert, from Ellesmere, leapt into the icy waters and swam out to the item, and to their relief found it was a large doll.

James said: “We drove past the mere and caught a glimpse of what I hoped was a doll floating in the water, but it looked rather life-like and myself and my father couldn’t leave without confirmation or ringing the emergency services. It was something of a horror movie to be honest. We couldn’t drive off without confirming it was what we wanted it to be.

“So a quick splash in and out confirmed, it was just a large doll.

“I was doing what I hoped anyone would have done.”

James and Robert have received praise from people on social media and ‘well done’ messages for being courageous.