A planning application for a new foyer for the town hall in Ellesmere, on Willow Street, has been submitted.

The plans put forward by Ellesmere Town Council will give the entrance of the town hall a modern look whilst keeping the safety in mind for visitors and guests alike.

The existing covered area at the front of the building will be converted to an enclosed lobby area with double-glazed automatic double doors. The roof will also be looked at after it started to leak in 2013.

It is proposed the roof which has existing materials of timber deck with a felt covering and a connection to drainage, will be replaced with timber plywood on timber beams with felt covering and the drainage will be connected to the existing pipe.

Discussions to revamp part of the hall have been ongoing.

It has been standing since 1960’s and provides a hub to the community. It is well-used by groups and runs a number of local events and classes including a monthly cinema showing.

The Town Hall sits outside of the Ellesmere Conservation area and will not have a significant impact on the local area.

In the proposal, it says: “The design of the lobby aims to provide a modern and welcoming appearance which compliments the architectural style of the original design. The large extents of glazing will create a well lit space; this glazing will also enable users of the building with an a protected which enables them to view the parking and access areas which will be particularly useful for more vulnerable users waiting to be picked up from the building.

“The lobby will help to improve the energy efficiency of the building by enclosing the main access doors and significantly reducing the amount of cold air entering the main user areas of the building. The lobby will provide increased security for the building.”

A decision will be made by March 8.