If you were in Ellesmere last month you would have seen people dressed in iconic Santa hats and tinsel running around the streets and the mere.

Residents and runners of Ellesmere grabbed their red hats and joined in with the annual 5k Santa Dash which raised festive spirits.

Ricky Roberts who is part of the Ellesmere Runners group said: “The Santa Dash was the 5K run which brings the running programme to a finish. It was the third Santa Dash as the first one was planned when the snow arrived so that took place at Colemere which was two circuits. I was amazed to see around 60 to 70 people turn up to participate and get their medal.

“For the people who couldn’t attend we decided to do another Santa Dash over the weekend. The turnout out was massive with people running for medals and people running for the fun of it dressed as anything festive.

“Even though many found it hard the support of everyone and the laughter keeps everyone going.”

If you want to get involved you can find the group find searching ‘Ellesmere Runners’ on Facebook.