Lakelands Year 10 students, working toward the volunteering section of their ADAN certificates, organised a seasonal, Christmas Food Bank collection.

They donated a whole host of food essentials and Christmas treats to the vital Oswestry and Ellesmere Food Bank Christmas hampers and Christmas dinner.

The students designed posters and promoted the collection throughout the school and 16 festively wrapped boxes of almost 100kg of food was presented to one of the charity’s organisers, Liz Jermy.

Liz said: “Our food reserves, collected throughout the year are now running low so this donation is a really big help.”

The students chose the Oswestry and Ellesmere Food bank as their selected charity, who provide invaluable support to our local community year round, but particularly at this time of year. The charity, last year prepared and gave out around 100 Christmas hampers and a sit down Christmas dinner for more than 150 people.

Lakelands ADAN teacher, Mrs Cole said: “Our year 10 students were determined to make this collection a success and worked really hard throughout the collection period and they are delighted with the response from the students and staff. This was a fantastic effort all round.”