A planning application to construct a biomass plant at Wood Lane Quarry, Ellesmere has been approved.

This location will home a 7 x 995KW biomass plant to dry timber reclaimed in connection with Tudor Griffiths Ltd’s recycling business.

The permission has been granted subject to conditions following a number of concerns from residents and Welshampton and Lyneal Parish Council.

The main issues which were raised by the parish council included the nature of the proposal, planning policy and guidance, development and environmental effects.

A comment on the planning application said: “Welshampton and Lyneal Parish Council acknowledge the economic importance and contribution made by local business. We welcome growth and success and are supportive of sustainable well planned and managed development as our record shows.

“WLPC would also point out in this case that the applicant is subject to a Section 106 duty to consult with the parish council, via a liaison committee, which they have completely failed to do. Had they taken advantage of the opportunity, WLPC might have saved much time and resource. WLPC would encourage them to do so in future and welcome opportunities to work in partnership towards sustainable outcomes.”

Requirements including 10 woodcrete bat boxes and 10 bird nests should be erected to ensure there are opportunities for wildlife to nest.

Shropshire Council Regulatory Services said: “Biomass boilers have the potential to impact on air quality which requires assessment where there are relevant receptors. It is noted that there are no nearby residential properties and therefore no relevant receptors from a Local Air Quality Management perspective.

“As a result I have no objection to the proposed development.”

The applicant says it will create one full-time job and three part-time jobs, and will run every day from 7am until 6pm.