At the recent town council meeting the closure of Ellesmere Nursing Home was on the agenda.

It was announced that Ellesmere Medical Practice is discussing the possibility with the trustees of expanding into the upstairs of the building on Trimpley Street.

The home closed because of a financial deficit of £90,000 and instead of closing on December 8 shut its doors three weeks earlier on November 14.

It was sudden and a lot of people questioned why no one knew about the financial problems it was going through.

Mayor, Councillor Ryan Hartley said: “It is a great shame the nursing home has closed.

“There are discussions going on between Ellesmere Medical Practice and the trustees to do something in the upstairs space.

“If Ellesmere Medical Practice was to expand into the building it wouldn’t need a lot of outside funding.”

There is no hope that the upstairs of the building will revert back to a nursing home.

Mr Hartley added: “The Clinical Commissioning Group said it was very cost effective at the hospital as they were paying a fee of half of what the home was paying for the beds and the CCG was not interested in paying the full price unfortunately.

“I only knew about the closure because I spoke to the chairman of the trustees. They closed very quickly – much sooner than they thought from what I gathered.

“As long as the building keeps going and it is in the trustees hands for the future.”

No-one from Ellesmere Medical Practice was available for comment.