AN ONLINE sensation has joined Ellesmere College on an art scholarship place which was awarded by internationally renowned artist Charlie Adlard.

Joe Whale, 11 and from Shrewsbury, was dubbed The Doodle Boy for always doodling in class and became a social media sensation when pictures of his sketch books were posted on Instagram.

He has taken his place at Ellesmere College as one of 11 students, including his brother Jesse, to join the school mid-term in the spring and had the opportunity to finally meet Charlie to chat about his art and the scholarship at the College in the Adlard Studio – which he funded – this week.

Charlie is the artist for The Walking Dead comics and former Comic Laureate, has also funded the new Adlard Art Studio at the College and now gives online advice and tutorials through his own dedicated social media platforms, and is having his first book published this autumn.

He said: “I am delighted to see Joe win the scholarship.

"He is a prodigious talent and one already recognised by many admirers who are following his story online.

"It’s a great opportunity for him and I wish him well at Ellesmere College.

“It’s exciting for me to be able to award a Scholarship and I will be watching Joe’s progress with interest.

"I am particularly impressed with him wanting to begin his journey at the College mid-term – it just shows how keen he is to get started.”

Siobhan Phillips, head of Art at Ellesmere College, added: “We are thrilled to see Joe win the Charlie Adlard Scholarship.

"It’s fully deserved and we look forward to helping Joe develop his artistic potential over his time at the college – it’s a marvellous opportunity for him and I would also like to thank Charlie for making it possible.

“Scholarships play a major role in nurturing young talent, providing a pathway which in many cases may not otherwise be available to them.

"They open up a world of access and opportunity which are designed to further the hopes, dreams and ambitions of amazing young talent."

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