North Shropshire College (NSC) recently took students from the academic and professional studies department on an educational visit to London.

The trip, which was available to many areas including science, business and art students, included visits to the world renowned Natural History Museum and also the Science Museum.

The students had the opportunity to begin their Christmas shopping in the famous Oxford and Regent Streets of Central London, and even visited Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park and the Christmas Markets on Leicester Square.

As a festive end of the trip to London and to the winter term, the students were delighted to be taken to the Warner Bro’s Studio Tour, The Making of Harry Potter in Watford. This was a highlight of the trip for the majority of the students and also the staff who were lucky enough to attend the trip.

Shôn Prebble, programme leader for creative, digital and science studies at the College, and also lead for the London trip said: “The students have been preparing for the trip since they started in September and we are so pleased they thoroughly enjoyed the educational and fun experience.

“The Harry Potter tour was fantastic and there were many fans on the trip including myself so this was a real treat and great way to finish the term.”

Dannie Smart, Level 3 applied science student at NSC who came on the trip added: “Seeing the sights of London, the Natural History Museum and especially Harry Potter was incredible.

“It is fantastic that going to College gives students the opportunities to visit places they may not go to otherwise. I really enjoy studying at NSC and this has been a highlight of my time here.”