A headteacher has said that a Shropshire primary school will not be closing after some confusion over a public announcement.

Nicola Bond, headteacher at West Felton Church of England Primary School, got in touch with the Advertizer as parents at the school expressed concerns over the future of the school after an advertisement from the Diocese of Lichfield publicised that the school was for sale.

After questioning the sale, Mrs Bond discovered that it is not the school that is for sale, but the school house which is attached to the building.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Lichfield said: “As with many Victorian schools, West Felton School included a school master’s house. This was sold off when no longer required in 2011.

“The notice published in the Oswestry Advertizer is a precursor to the Secretary of State making an Educational Endowment Order. The order directs how the proceeds of sale of the former school house can be used to benefit Church of England education in the diocese.”

Mrs Bond said: “Obviously at first it was a shock to hear parents questioning the future of the school, especially as I had no idea about any of the sale.

“However I found out that it’s the sale of the school house attached – which would obviously be registered to the school’s address, which explains the announcement.

“I am relieved and pleased to say the school is not, nor has any plans to be sold.”