Welsh has become an integral part of learning at Moreton First.

The school, which is the prep department for Moreton Hall in Weston Rhyn, has a Welsh Club which many pupils are members of having joined the school with a strong command of the language.

Head of Moreton First, Catherine Ford, said that although it is a minority language it plays an important part in cultural identity and with the school being so close to the border it made sense for pupils to learn it.

She continued: “We encourage all children to be proud of their heritage and living closely to Wales many children have Welsh connections.

“Some of our pupils have Welsh speaking relatives or perhaps started school in Welsh schools and are keen to maintain their knowledge of the language.”

Welsh Club has been a very popular addition to the timetable and the school has even incorporated some Welsh songs into its Christmas productions this year.

Year 5 pupil Alice Wynne Finch, who is a member of the Welsh Club, commented: “I live in Wales so when I speak Welsh I don’t feel different, I feel part of the community.”

Kate Reardon, also in Year 5 and a member of the club, added: “We learn lots about Wales and have many opportunities to speak in Welsh.”