School Games organiser Mollie Croxon has won the prestigious National Award of Emerging SGO of the Year.

The Lakelands Academy student was recognised for her tireless dedication, demonstrating tremendous passion, determination and resilience to develop School Games in North Shropshire.

She was nominated by the Development Coach Team for the the award which is awarded to SGOs who having been in post 18 months or less and have made significant impact and progress in their area since starting the job.

Mollie said: “School Games focuses on giving every student the opportunity to be involved regardless of their ability.

“I organise a calendar of competition to support those with low ability, have a disability or additional needs, as well as giving students the opportunity and responsibility of being young leaders where they officiate and organise the events.

“More students are now having the opportunity to participate in sports and represent their school and county, not just in the traditional school sports but sports such as archery and new age kurling.”

She added: “Being nominated and becoming one of three finalists nationally came as a shock and I am ecstatic to have won it. I felt I have just being doing my job however, it makes me incredibly proud to know that I have made a difference to students across North Shropshire and given them opportunities which they might not have had without School Games.

“I am also thankful for the hard work of all the teachers and schools who continue to support me and the School Games programme.”

Chris Wood, who nominated Mollie, commented: “Mollie has worked tirelessly to develop relationships in her area, in what at times, have been challenging circumstances.

“In the summer term of 2016 Mollie’s area had very little secondary school engagement, despite it being held within her area. By the end of 2017 she had achieved full engagement and her overall data results in last terms, summer return, was one of the highest in the county.”

Mollie is the School Games organiser for North Shropshire covering 65 schools and organising primary and secondary school sports competitions across 23 different sports, the winners of which, than go onto represent North Shropshire at the Shropshire Homes School Games County Finals.

She also organises training opportunities for teachers, with organisations such as the Youth Sport Trust, The Lawn Tennis Association and Maths of the Day.