Work on a new hydrotherapy pool at Derwen College in Gobowen will begin in the new year.

The specialist college is creating a a new pool building along with a series of upgrades across the existing sports facilities on the campus.

These include a new roof on the swimming pool building to help form a new reception, plus a new link between the gym and the sports hall, and thermal upgrades.

Planning permission for the project was granted earlier this week.

Meryl Green, vice CEO and principal at Derwen College, said: “We are delighted with the amazing efforts of all our supporters who have been fundraising this year achieving the £50,000 target to replace the heating system in the swimming pool on site here.

“This work will begin in early 2018 and is phase one of the sports facilities project. During 2018 our fundraising will target phase two of the project, there is no set start date for this phase of the work.

“Our work here is continually based around the needs of the students and this includes the proposed updates to the sports facilities.”

In the planning application, agent Gavin Porritt, from DPA Ltd, said: “The hydrotherapy pool will provide the Derwen College with an additional facility which is vitally important for the long-term growth of the Derwen College.”

He continued: “The proposed development will not have a detrimental impact to the adjacent buildings or surrounding and will enhance the current facilities that the Derwen College provides to it pupils and staff.”