West Mercia has been named third in a list of the UK’s speeding hot spots.

The information, which was received through a Freedom of Information request by car leasing firm UK Carline, revealed the force issued 62,503 speeding tickets in 2017.

Top of the list was West Yorkshire with more than double that amount with 142,610, while Surrey was narrowly ahead of West Mercia with 62,623.

However, the figures also revealed better news for West Mercia as there were 32 per cent – or 19,741 fewer offences in 2017 than there were in 2016.

North Wales also just made the top five with 57,224 tickets issued.

Jonathan Nolan, general manager at UK Carline said: “Our research has certainly produced some eye opening insight into the UK’s driving habits, with some worryingly fast speeds being clocked by speed cameras up and down the country over the last few years.

“We hope the stats will make people think twice next time they consider speeding, particularly in more residential areas. Drivers should always stay safe on the roads by never exceeding the speed limits.”