A LANDLORD who captured a raid on his pub on camera hopes posting it online will help catch the burglars who made off with about £1,500 in cash.

Mark Jones says the two-and-a-half minute CCTV clip of the early morning raid at the Stanton House Inn in Chirk has been shared more than 500 (and rising) times on Facebook.

It shows two men breaking into the Holyhead Road pub at about 3am on Wednesday morning.

One of the raiders is seen using a screwdriver to break a window lock at the rear of the premises, before his accomplice climbs in.

The raiders ripped out the pub till and also made off with an overnight safe.

Mr Jones said: “The footage clearly shows a small lad and a bigger lad getting in through the window at the back.

“It’s not a big opening but the smaller of the two has managed to get in and open a side door.

“They didn’t make a lot of mess – they went straight for the cash. They ripped out the till and went off with the safe, which had a few nights takings in it.”

It is the first burglary at the pub in Mr Jones’ 17 years of management. He says he was encouraged to upload the CCTV clip online after a similar posting helped apprehend vandals who damaged his premises two years ago.

“We had names very quickly then. This time it has been viewed over 14,000 times but we’ve had no names yet although the pair do look like they are from out of the area,” added the landlord.

“Some people in Chirk also heard knocking on their doors at around 5am and maybe that is linked.”

North Wales Police said a window was forced and officers are investigating.