A man took an axe into Oswestry in frustration at a perceived lack of help from a housing association.

Clyde Obly Massiah, of Brookfield Estate in Weston Rhyn, admitted two charges of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place making threats to damage or destroy property at a Telford Magistrates.

Massiah was stopped by police on November 23 in Oakhurst Road holding an axe that belonged to him – called ‘Betsy’ – and arrested him shortly before 3.30pm.

Police also received a phone call from staff at Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing (STAR) Housing that Massiah would come and attack their cars.

However, Jamie Wade, representing the 55-year-old, said Massiah’s decision to pick up the ace and walk to Oswestry was based upon his frustration that staff at STAR had not come to repair a hole in his roof.

Mr Wade showed magistrates pictures from Massiah’s tablet, which he brought with him, to show the size of the hole in his flat, and that he had been asking STAR to repair it for the last three years.

On the day he was arrested, STAR were due to repair the hole but after he had waited all day, he later found a card saying they had missed him and he reacted angrily.

He then picked up ‘Betsy’ in anger to walk towards STAR offices, but soon calmed down, placed the axe between a wall and went for a cup of tea before returning to claim ‘Betsy’ where he was arrested.

Jamaican-born Massiah, who has previously served time in jail and was previously charged with possessing a bladed article, was given a 12-month community order.

He will work with the probation service and complete 20 rehabilitation requirement days, which are designed to support him towards work and help anger management.

Massiah, who is unemployed, will pay £100 in costs and the court also ordered that ‘Betsy’ be reclaimed and destroyed.