Plans to build 22 new homes could be back on the table.

Last year, Wrexham Council refused permission for proposals to build the homes on land north of Station Avenue in Chirk, between the recreation area and the Mondelez factory.

But now the Co-operative Group has submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in a bid to get the decision overturned.

When the proposals were first unveiled in November 2016, it was said as well as creating new homes within the town, the development would also include public open space and the creation of a new access point for vehicles.

The Co-Operative Group, who own the strip of land say there is demand for both two and three bedroom properties and that the 24 units would include a mix of detached and semi-detached houses.

But Wrexham Council’s planning committee threw the proposals out, citing the loss of two protected trees if the development was to go ahead.

The committee’s decision notice reads: “The proposed development would result in the loss of two protected trees of significant amenity value within an existing tree lined avenue.

"The removal of these trees would not only create an unnatural break within this avenue, but would have detrimental impact upon the character and appearance of the conservation area.”

But according to the developers’ grounds of appeal, the trees had been assessed and were confirmed to be in poor health.

They say without active management, they will continue to degrade.

The appeal document states: “The proposals provide for the removal of two failing trees and their replacement with good specimen trees which would be appropriately sized and positioned to make a positive contribution to the conservation area.

"The removal and replacement of the trees would preserve the character and appearance of the conservation area in the first instance, with the conservation area being enhanced as the good quality replacement trees grow.

"It will be shown that the two trees to be removed are not valuable and do not make a positive contribution to the character of the conservation area.

"It will also be shown that the proposed mitigation measures, i.e. the replacement two trees, are wholly within the control of the appellant and would reinstate the integrity and continuity of the conservation area and the streetscape of Station Avenue.

"It will be demonstrated that whilst a break in the tree lined avenue will be necessary to facilitate the access arrangements, this break will not be incongruous in this part of the Chirk conservation area.

"It will be demonstrated that any loss of trees is outweighed by the proposed replacement planting and the overall benefits of the scheme."

Interested parties have until March 20 to make any representations, with final comments from the appellant and Wrexham Council due by April 10.

A date for a hearing into the matter is yet to be confirmed.