A Chirk dairy has offered its customers the chance to ‘go green, go glass’ in a bid to reduce plastic waste

Edwards Dairies in Black Park has given its customers the opportunity to purchase milk in glass bottles as opposed to plastic.

The company posted the idea on its social media, which has proved to be a hit.

The initiative will see customers having glass milk bottles delivered, as opposed to having to recycle the plastic containers on a weekly basis.

Used bottles will be collected and sterilised, before being refilled and sent back out in bid to reduce the amount of plastic produced throughout Shropshire and north Wales.

This comes after broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough brought the level of plastic pollution to the attention of viewers of his BBC TV series Blue Planet Two.

Louis Edwards-Jones, from Edwards Dairies, said the programme has inspired the company to make its customers aware of the benefits of switching from plastic to glass bottles.

“With David Attenborough’s recent airing of Blue Planet Two and how our plastic waste is such a big problem to the environment, we at the dairy have been looking into different ways to reduce our own plastic consumption,” said Louis.

“In 2017 we supplied over half a million milk containers alone to our customers across Shropshire and north Wales and would like to let our customers know we still offer the traditional glass milk bottles.

“One glass milk bottle is known to be reused over 40 times.

“By making such a small change we can help our environment. We understand we will never completely change all our milk supplies to glass but if we can change just a minority it all helps.”

Attenborough’s documentary shocked viewers by showing the growing threat of of ocean plastic pollution, which is set to become even worse - predicted that plastic pollution is set to double in the next 20 years.

The Chirk dairy is not the only company trying to reduce its plastic consumption as Shropshire-founded supermarket Iceland and global chain McDonalds have also vowed to reduce their plastic packaging.

Edwards Dairy is offering their customers the chance to switch to glass bottles by contacting them on 01691 778266.