A CHIRK man butted another motorist in the face in a road rage assault on the victim’s driveway in Weston Rhyn after following him home, a court heard.

Jack Jones, 22, was angry after the other driver flashed his lights at him after a near miss in April last year.

The victim suffered injuries to his nose and lips and the crown of a tooth was broken off.

At Shrewsbury Crown Court last week Jones was given an 18-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

Judge Peter Barrie said there was absolutely no excuse for the level of anger Jones showed in response to the traffic incident.

“What makes it really serious is that it then turned into violence. You did it against the protests of your partner in the car,” he said.

Jones, a construction plant driver, of Avondale, Chirk, had pleaded guilty to assault, causing the victim actual bodily harm.

He must also complete a rehabilitation programme and 120-hours unpaid work and pay the victim £1,500 in compensation.

Mr Andrew Baker, prosecuting, said the victim went to overtake a parked vehicle but the defendant’s car was coming towards him.

The victim flashed his lights towards the defendant as he was driving fast and there was a near miss.

Mr Baker said Jones had then turned around and followed the victim for more than a mile to his home address and there was a confrontation on the driveway.

“The defendant butted the victim in the face and took hold of him. He was shouting and swearing at him as he did so,” he said.

He said Jones’ partner was shouting at him to stop and leave.

The court heard it cost the victim around £1,000 for dental treatment following the attack.

Mr Gareth Roberts, for Jones, said his client was not the type of man who went around looking for fights.

He said Jones was a man of good character, but had followed the victim and he was not proud of it and had let his family down.

“He is remorseful and profoundly ashamed of himself and his actions,” he said.