ELF on the Shelf has taken a trip out of the house and is now creeping around Chirk, all to raise money for Chirk Community Hospital.

Chloe Jade Davies, from Chirk, has been posing at different locations around the town for the social media sensation known as ‘Elf on the Shelf’.

Originally used to keep children in check before Christmas day, Elf on the Shelf is usually found in family homes, but Chloe has gone one step further and is venturing around Chirk and beyond.

And since the 18-year-old’s Facebook posts have been such a hit, Chloe and her mother, Helen, have decided to donate 50p for every ‘like’ they get, which goes towards creating a hamper for Chirk Community Hospital.

“It started off as a joke,” said Helen.

“But when we noticed it was getting a few ‘likes’ we decided to donate money and do something good for the community.

“It’s a nice Christmas gesture I think.”

Since her posts, Chloe and Helen have prepared two hampers for the hospital, and are hoping that more will be done before they take them down to staff and patients on Christmas Eve.

“We’ve had people offering donations of money or food which has been amazing,” continued Helen.

“A little girl stopped Chloe in the street the other day and asked her where she’ll be next, it really is a big hit with everybody in the town.”

The elf’s location is posted every day on Facebook, and you can follow her by searching for Chloe Jade – and look out for her Elf profile picture.