Food and farming event near Oswestry is aiming to build future for good food across the Marches.

An event called 'The Marches Real Food and Farming Convergence' will be held at Babbinswood Farm, near Oswestry on October 4 and 5.

This event is all about ‘Our Local Food Future’, and it will focus on agro-ecological farming, and creating a food market that will allow everyone access to healthy and wholesome food.

The Marches Real Food and Farming Network, which is hosting the event, was established last year after an inaugural conference.

It has been called a convergence rather than a conference as it will feature workshops, practical demonstrations, speeches and talks.

The network includes the food partnerships of four regions: Shropshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, and Powys.

Jenny Rouquette from the Shropshire Good Food Partnership said: "It's about fostering collaboration and building community in an interactive space."It's a celebration of our landscape and the people who work on it."

This two-day event will provide farmers, growers, experts, and campaigners with the opportunity to explore practical ways of building a resilient, agroecological regional food system.

It will allow people to look how they can transform the supply chain and how to meet demand from the hyper-local to the bioregional level.

Ms Rouquette said: "We want to create a unique space for food conversations ranging from land-based wisdom to food sovereignty.

"We plan to cover everything from perennial vegetable growing to holistic land management and local infrastructure for shorter supply chains.

"But above all, we want to develop a programme based on the priorities of those taking part in the event."

The organisers are welcoming proposals, speakers, and sponsors for the Convergence.

They are appealing for ideas for panel sessions, open forums, or practical workshops.

They are also accepting applications for potential exhibitors and sponsors.

Ms Rouquette added: "We’re giving everyone the chance to be a co-creator of the 2024 convergence.

"Please get in touch if you can be actively involved in any way - running a session, as an exhibitor or as a sponsor."

More information is available on the website at or can it be requested via email at

The podcast from the 2023 Marches Real Food and Farming Conference is also on the website.