Former Conservative party leader William Hague was on the campaign trail in Chirk with candidate Craig Williams.

The pair were in the area today (June 7) as the campaign kicks into full swing after the final nominations were confirmed.

Lord Hague was hopeful of Mr Williams’ chance in the upcoming election in Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr, describing him an “outstanding” candidate.

Mr Williams is hoping to take on the responsibilities in the area after it was added to the Montgomeryshire constituency, which he has represented since 2019, in the recent boundary changes.

(Image: Craig Williams)

“There was a growing a unfairness, Merthyr Tydfil had 40,000 people and the Isle of Wight had 140,000 and they both only had one member of Parliament - that is not sustainable,” said Mr Williams.

“The decision has been completely apolitical.

“If you’d started with a map is this what I would have drawn? Possibly not. But for parity of population this is what we have got.

“I have been to Chirk, Ruabon and Johnstown a number of times already.


“There is an equivalence in the issues that people are dealing with they are still talking about the cost of living, they are still talking about immigration, they are still talking about food security but it is a different makeup

“Montgomeryshire is bigger than greater London geographically, the new bit is about the size of greater Manchester so together getting around is difficult.”

However Lord Hague, who lives near Welshpool in Mr Williams constituency, said that this would not be an issue.

“That can be done with a hard working MP,” said Lord Hague. “I can say that he is too modest to say he is exceptionally hardworking local representative.

“I know because I talk to him a lot. He really knows the heartbeat of what is going on. Craig combines being a very active local representative with strong, influential national connections.”

(Image: Craig Williams)

“It’s absolutely vital that we have a really excellent MP which we have had in Craig in the last few years.

“Sometimes people come to me because of my past in politics with issues and things they want help with and I am not in a position to do that.

“But whenever I mention them to Craig he will and visit them in their house and hear their concerns – not all MPs do that.

“I can really see the difference it makes for local people. I can see what a great service people have from Craig.”