WELCOME to bygones as we invite readers to join us on a trip through time.

Today we spend some time revisiting the 1980s to share some memories from the past for our readers to enjoy.

Shropshire in the 1980s was a tapestry woven with threads of tradition and change.

The rolling hills, dotted with quaint villages and ancient market towns, remained a timeless backdrop to life, yet the decade brought a subtle shift.

The era of Thatcherism, with its focus on industry and individualism, seeped into the county’s soul, prompting a sense of both opportunity and unease.

While ironworks and coal mines, once the lifeblood of many towns, began their slow decline, a quiet revolution was brewing.


Young people, inspired by the spirit of the times, sought new opportunities, migrating to cities in search of white-collar jobs, leaving behind a sense of quiet melancholy.

Meanwhile, a new wave of entrepreneurs, drawn to the county’s beauty and slower pace of life, began to establish small businesses, injecting a fresh dynamism into the rural economy.

This clash of the old and the new manifested itself in everything from the rise of the ‘yuppie’ phenomenon in the county’s market towns to the lingering anxieties of those who saw their way of life slowly changing.

Despite the changes, the spirit of Shropshire remained unyielding.

The warmth of its people, the beauty of its countryside, and the lingering charm of its historic towns continued to shape life in the county, ensuring that the 1980s, while a decade of transition, would merely be a chapter in the enduring story of Shropshire.

We begin our trip in time with a picture of Mastermind quiz contestants at Fitzalan School in Oswestry in 1983. Recognise any familiar faces?

Next we share a picture of Carreghofa School pupils in Llanymynech in 1986.

Kinnerley Church of England Controlled Primary School pupils in 1986.

We return to 1983 for our next picture of fun on Racecourse Road in Oswestry. Recognise any familiar faces?

Next up we share a picture from Oswestry Summer Darts League presentations at the Memorial Hall in 1983.

Mr Gidden with his vintage motorbike in 1983.

We stop off at Gobowen WI flower show in1983 for our next picture.

Finally we share a picture of new pupils at Middleton Road School in Oswestry in 1983. Recognise any familiar faces?