With the UK General election expected to be called in the coming months. Four of the major political parties have named candidates for the North Shropshire seat so far.

Here is a list - in alphabetical order by party - of the candidates running for the parliamentary seat of North Shropshire.

Conservatives, Simon Baynes

Border Counties Advertizer: Simon Baynes has backed a call for lifesaving skills to be taught.

The current Clywd South MP will be running for the seat in North Shropshire after his constituency was broken up after changes to the constituency maps in Wales.

Mr Baynes, who grew up around Lake Vyrnwy, Powys, worked in finance and ran a Shrewsbury bookshop before he was first elected to parliament in the 2019 General Election.

He served as a minister for justice and illegal migration and is currently a Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

On receiving the nomination Mr Baynes said: “Very honoured to be selected as the Conservatives’ Parliamentary Candidate for North Shropshire given that, under the boundary changes, my Clwyd South constituency (which borders North Shropshire) will cease to exist at the next general election.”


Green Party, Craig Emery

Border Counties Advertizer: Craig Emery (front centre) is the Green Party candidate for North Shropshire.

The Selattyn & Gobowen parish councillor was confirmed as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party.

On receiving the nomination, Mr Emery said: “People in North Shropshire have a clear example in Oswestry Town Council where Greens have shown that in power they make a difference for the community.

“Delivering free buses, economic renewal, protecting heritage and culture, winning national awards and upgrading public facilities.”


Liberal Democrats, Helen Morgan

Border Counties Advertizer:

Helen Morgan said she was delighted to be reselected to represent the party.

The current MP has held the seat since her shock by-election victory in 2021 which saw one of the biggest political swings in UK history.

She said: “Representing North Shropshire in Parliament is an enormous privilege, and I am really pleased to be formally re-selected to stand for the newly-drawn constituency.

“There is a lot of work to do getting the voice of rural communities like ours heard.

“On big issues like the state of our health services, farming and public transport, we need voices in Parliament  putting Shropshire first.

“The next election is going to be a fight between me and the Conservatives.

Reform, Mark Whittle

Mr Whittle previously served as chairman of the Market Drayton Conservative Party and member of the Shropshire Conservative Executive.

However, he quit his position in 2021 due to the Conservative's choice of candidate in the 2021 by-election who he said had "zero knowledge" of the area.