MORE than 100 riders took advantage of the glorious sunshine to complete the latest Borderland Mountain Bike Challenge on Saturday.

The cyclists were blessed with wonderful weather for this year’s event as they set out on the 22-mile challenge through the ups and downs of the foothills of the beautiful Berwyn Mountains.

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A spokesman for organisers Borderland Rotary Club said the race was a good mix of abilities and participants.


They said: “You’d think that the E-bikes, which have been welcomed for some years now, would be way out front, but far from it.

Border Counties Advertizer: Some vital pre-race preparation.Some vital pre-race preparation. (Image: Graham Mitchell.)

“Naturally powered bikes ridden by staff and friends of one of the sponsors, Mule Cycles beat their previous times – maybe due to the weather as well as their obvious fitness.”

Border Counties Advertizer: Cyclists get ready for the big set-off. Cyclists get ready for the big set-off. (Image: Graham Mitchell.)

Tim Gray, whose father Brian Gray, started the ride nearly 30 years ago, added that he was delighted to see the event still going strong.

He said: “It’s great that it’s still going – and seems even stronger than ever.

Border Counties Advertizer: Organiser Jonathan Jones. Organiser Jonathan Jones. (Image: Graham Mitchell.)

“The last two years I’ve been tail end Charlie and helped or mopping up any stragglers, and it’s been a pleasure and a not to my father.”

Border Counties Advertizer: Tim Gray, son of founder Brian Gray, ahead of the race.Tim Gray, son of founder Brian Gray, ahead of the race. (Image: Graham Mitchell.)

Jonathan Jones, who organises the event on behalf of the club, added that the race is now beginning to attract attention from all over the UK.

Border Counties Advertizer: Riders wait on the starting lineRiders wait on the starting line (Image: Graham Mitchell.)

He said: “We have been so lucky with the weather this year, it makes so much difference.

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“I noticed that we seem to be attracting riders from further afield these days with entries from Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and the Welsh coast – word must be spreading.

“I’d like to thank all the landowners for allowing us across their land, all the volunteer marshals, Linda with the coffee van, the village hall, Grum (Graham Mitchell) the photographer and last, but by no means least, all those that took part and donated.

“Thank you all.”