A ROAD-related community event to address issues plaguing Oswestry is being proposed ahead of the first meeting of the civic year.

Councillor James Owen, from the Liberal Democrats, has placed a motion in Wednesday’s full Oswestry Town Council meeting to create a community coming together to address issues affecting roads.

In this, he includes the state of the roads, such as potholes, while also including the increasing problem of pavements being blocked by parked cars, while Oswestry’s long-term issue with ‘boy racers’ is also expected to be discussed.


Cllr Owen’s motion also sets out a proposal to use the outcome of that meeting – to be held within the next six months – to formulate a plan on how best to address those issues.

It said: "Condition of roads, anti-social behaviour in vehicles, parking issues and traffic are all issues that regularly come up on the doorstep across Oswestry.

“Individual issues are often raised by concerned residents to their local representatives.

“However, given the widespread and ongoing issues across the town, it is perhaps time to consider ways to allow for concerned residents, businesses, and other organisations to be able to raise these issues in one place.

“This would allow for more voices to be heard and would highlight if any one issue/area affects significantly more people than others.

“It is therefore proposed that the town council hosts a roads, parking and traffic-themed community meeting, inviting representatives of Shropshire Highways to attend, where problems and solutions can be raised by members of the public for consideration and discussion between attendees.

“To facilitate this, officers should be allowed to make the necessary arrangements for this meeting to be held within the next six months and ensure that the meeting is advertised well to residents, businesses, and organisations across the town to allow for as much public engagement as possible.

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“A report which summarises the issues raised within this meeting should then be brought back to council to allow discussion on whether there is anything that the town council could deal with directly.

“Or that we could push Shropshire Council to focus on specific issues of particular importance to the residents of Oswestry."  

The meeting starts at 7pm on Wednesday, May 15 at the Guildhall, on the Bailey Head, with public participation for the first 15 minutes.