An off roading training and activity centre in Wales has had to temporarily close to protect the nesting sites of wild birds.

A 4x4 driver training centre based in Halton, near Chirk, called Ultra 4X4, has had to ground all its vehicles for the time being to protect birds nesting at the site.

The site used for off road driver training for the rescue and utility services as well as off road experience activities has made the decision to temporarily close one of its key sites to allow nesting birds to bring up their young after a nest was discovered at the site.

Andre Marsh, lead instructor at Ultra 4x4, is also a former Animal Search and Rescue Coordinator.


He said: “During an off road bring your own vehicle day, a ground nest was found containing duck eggs and the area was cordoned off however.

“We have since found further nesting sites even in the engine bay of one of our training vehicles therefore, we have decided to close the site temporarily so the hatchlings are not disturbed.

“We are always on the lookout for other suitable sites as the weather and nature can change at a moments notice.”

Wild birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 making it an offence to kill, injure or disturb birds nests in the UK.

Ultra 4x4’s Site Manager Vicky Mchatton added: “We are sorry to have to postpone some events on our sites; however our priority is to protect wildlife.

“We have had injured animals stray on site from the nearby A5 road which we have rescued but this is the first time we have had birds nesting.

“Off roading is often regarded as environmentally damaging but we have policies in place to minimise its impact and we very much respect wildlife.”