A NOTORIOUS Oswestry thief subjected a former partner to a two-hour assault leaving her with ‘physical and mental injuries’ and was jailed for 30 months.

Carl Doidge, 38, was handed the sentence at Shrewsbury Crown Court on Monday, April 29 by Judge Peter Barrie for causing actual bodily harm, plus assault, theft and burglary in offences dating back to June 2022 and August 2023.

Prosecutor Alexa Carrier told the court that on June 28, 2022, Doidge had been drinking at home with his victim until an argument broke out over his drug use.


Doidge then smashed her head against a cupboard door – in front of her infant child. When police were called, the situation had calmed down so Doidge was advised to ‘go for a walk’.

However, at 4am the next morning, Doidge attacked his victim again with punches to the head and making accusations of infidelity, and continued to attack her after she had ‘cur"ed into a ball to protect herself".

He left her with cuts and bruises all over her body and a number of ‘egg-like’ swellings, the court heard.

His victim said she had been left depressed by the incident and had been on strong painkillers, adding that Doidge ‘ripped my hair out’ and that she had been left in financial difficulty because of her recovery time.

The prosecution also explained that in August 2023, Doidge and unnamed associate ‘opportunistically’ stole vapes, e-cigarettes, tobacco, cigarettes and a Halifax bank card belonging to an employee, to the value of £1,624.51 from Esso at Mile End Services.

He also spat in a B&M store guard’s face when he was caught stealing a bottle of wine and chewing gum, and was removed because he was barred from the store.

Kevin Jones, defending, handed a letter to Judge Barrie from Doidge expressing remorse and asked for the delay from 2022 to be taken into consideration.

Mr Jones added that the stolen bank card was returned to the employee immediately "because Doidge was prepared to rob the store but not from the person".

He added that Doidge had "spiralled" back into drug use and that the Esso burglary was not planned.

Sentencing him, Judge Barrie said he agreed with the prosecution that the assault was "sustained".

He said: “The most serious aspect of this today is your assault.

“Although you have previous assault on your record, it is nothing as serious as this and it is right to be described as sustained.

“You caused injuries to someone in a relationship with you and looked to you for protection.

“Her child was in the house and that has an impact too.

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“It caused serious injury to her, both physically and psychologically.”

For ABH, Doidge received 27 months and for the assault, he received two months and for the theft/burglary, he received one month each concurrent but to be served consecutively.

He will serve half on licence and was also handed a seven-year restraining order.