OsMINDS, a complimentary wellbeing group, is due to launch in Oswestry on 29th April.

The group aims to provide a supportive setting for individuals to learn various wellbeing techniques to improve their mental health.

The group will convene every Monday at 11am and last until around 1pm.

It encourages everyone from the community to participate.

The group will be led by trauma therapist, Alex River Clarke, whose main emphasis is on cultivating an empathic community.

Mr Clarke said: "Social isolation is known to adversely impact mental health.

"OsMINDS focuses on the interpersonal to alleviate this."

The group will conduct its activities at the community space, OsCAH, located in the heart of Oswestry.

Several activities will be hosted, which will range from mindfulness and self-therapy techniques to therapeutic writing, creative activities, group discussions and guest speakers.

Mr Clarke believes that this initiative will enable participants to build meaningful relationships, share skills, and establish a strong support network.

He has said: "The attitude that self-care is possible in isolation is unhelpful.

"We all instinctively know that communities play a large part in keeping people well and empathic communities can change lives.

"Anyone with an interest in mental health is welcome at OsMINDS."

Interested individuals may join the group gatherings at OsCAH, 36 Bailey Street on Mondays at 11am.

For any additional queries or to be a guest speaker, reach out to Alex at river1clarke@gmail.com or visit www.alexriverhypnotherapy.com.