A Chirk hairdresser has celebrated 10 years in business after starting at the age of just 19.

Charlotte Williams who runs Inspire Hair Studio in Chirk has celebrated her 10-year anniversary, with her business continuing to grow.

“I took over at the age of 19,” Charlotte said. “I had been working here for two years under the previous owner Mandy. I was thinking about leaving and she told me that she was wanting to sell up and said I could buy it off her if I wanted.

“I went home and got some help together with my parents and just went from there.”

The first few years were a real challenge for Charlotte, who had to carry the weight of the business on her own shoulders.


“I was working on my own,” she said. “I had no one else working here at that point so my family would come and help clean or make drinks while I did the styling.”

However, the business began to grow and she got other stylists in to work with her one of them staying with her for seven years.

She now works with fellow stylist Robbie and is still seeing the business grow to new heights even after she became a new mum at the end of last year.

“We’re looking for a new stylist to come and help because the phone is just ringing off the hook for appointments,” Charlotte added. “It’s taking a lot to balance everything.”

Charlotte has said success has come down to just putting in the hard work over the last 10 years.

“It all comes down to that hard work, you just have to put the hours in,” Charlotte said.