A COMMUNITY group has called for youngsters to be ‘better educated’ on how to treat wildlife after an anti-social incident involving swans.

The nesting pair at Whittington Castle has long attracted interest from visitors and residents, especially when they produce young who then learn from their loving parents.

However, representatives from Whittington Together have taken to social media to announce that reports of young people throwing items at the swans near the castle have been made, with footage captured.


The group says it has chosen not to publish the footage but has asked for parents to spell out the importance of good behaviour around the swans and their nest at the castle.

They said: “Regretfully, it has been brought to our attention that two youngsters have been observed throwing sticks and stones at the swans and their nest today.

“The youngsters, aged about 10 years old, were challenged and responded ‘we don’t care about the swans’.

“The Whittington community is very proud to have swans at the castle and get very excited when eggs are laid and subsequently hatched.

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“We do have a picture of the two youngsters involved but have decided not to show it on Facebook.

“Please parents have a chat with your youngsters about the way they should treat our valuable Whittington wildlife.”

Anyone witnessing anti-social behaviour can report it to police by ringing 101.