A MAJOR UK hotel chain has apologised to its customers and users of a road at Oswestry’s Mile End Services.

Pictures were posted to an Oswestry community Facebook group by user Matt Bailey to highlight the substandard state of the road towards the budget hotel at the services.

Mr Bailey approached the hotel chain and Shropshire Council to clarify whose responsibility it was to look after the road and a spokesman for Travelodge confirmed to The Advertizer that it was theirs and work is already underway to smooth out substantially large potholes.


The spokesman said: “We can confirm that repair works have already started within the car park at Oswestry Travelodge to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.

“We would like to sincerely apologise to our customers and to anyone that has been affected, for this inconvenience.”

The move to repair the roads came after Mr Bailey approached the firm asking what was to be done with road.

He admitted he was happy to hear that work has begun on the road.

He said: “I have been in contact with people who work at the Travelodge and Burger King who have said they have been battling for more than two years to get the car park resurfaced.

“It’s probably just coincidence that me posting about it on Facebook and getting hundreds of comments (more than 300) and also emailing them has had any effect.

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“If I have helped to highlight the issue to them then that can only be a positive thing.

“I believe potholes are being filled today (Thursday) as a short-term fix which is great but it needs totally resurfacing and new road markings before the problem will have been fixed to a standard all will be happy with.

“They also responded to me on social media saying it is being reported to their district management team for investigation.”