A tornado warning has been issued for tonight amid fears that severe weather could be set to sweep Britain.

As high winds are expected to hit parts of the UK on the evening of Thursday, March 28, a risk of tornados has been issued that covers Shropshire.

The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation has said that wind gusts of between 50 and 70mph could bring lightning, hail and even isolated tornadoes to the area.

The organisation did clarify that winds of up to 70mph could be present in the “most extreme cases”.

The forecast identifies an area of low pressure and “slightly unstable airmass” amid bands of rain, lighting and possible hail, with the warning in place until 8pm.

The organisation added: “Whilst the overall tornado threat is low, given the linear nature of much of the activity, there is a low-end chance of one or two developing.”

TORRO added: “Several bands of showery rain are expected to move NNE across the discussion area, and lightning is already present within this to the south of [South West] England.

“Strong deep-layer shear coupled with upper forcing will likely cause the precipitation to align into lines. Strong low-level shear will be present too.”