OSWESTRY councillors will back a town tennis club’s decision to re-focus its work on establishing a new clubhouse.

Oswestry Team Tennis (OTT) has been fundraising for the new clubhouse at its Cae Glas Park boss and has raised around £60,000 for the work.

However, at last week’s full Oswestry Town Council meeting, councillors heard that OTT will fall short of being able to afford the clubhouse because of rising costs and would like to put in a temporary building.


The Cae Glas Management Group and ultimately the council were asked to approve that OTT applies for amended planning permission for demolition of the workshop and replacement with a modular building for our clubhouse.

And for OTT to oversee meeting building regulations requirements; to apply for external grants; to continue to work with officers and provide ongoing reports to Cae Glas Management group/ Oswestry Town Council on the project progress to deliver this project.

Town clerk Arren Roberts told the meeting that there still could be some issues with the plans going forward but recommended approval.

He said: “This has been an ongoing matter for some time and it’s a complicated project because of the building and the money needed.

“They have tried to find an easier way forward and if this was a route we approved, we’d have to have discussions around ownership and the lease.

“But I recommend an in-principle decision as it is based on applying for new permission from Shropshire Council but I don’t how it works around a temporary building in a conservation area.”

Meanwhile, the council also agreed to put money towards a ‘Civic’ gift for the Oswestry Twinning Association for the trip to Combs La Ville.

However, conversations within the chamber about paying for mayor Councillor Olly Rose to attend the trip for a fee of £250.

However, Lib Dem councillor Jay Moore dismissed the idea.

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He said: “I couldn’t support spending hundreds of pounds of taxpayer money on sending the mayor abroad at a time when we need to spend money elsewhere.”

Cllr Jonathan Upton added: “It’s important to preserve the relations between ourselves an Combs La Ville and I think we should take them up on their offer and pay towards a civic gift.”

A budget of around £200 was voted for.