OSWESTRY’S inclusion as one of the 10k races of 2024 by the biggest running publication in the world is down to its community, according to its organiser.

Runner’s World has named the Oswestry 10k race in October as the best for runners in the West Midlands, ranking alongside cities such as London, Manchester and Bristol.

Alan Lewis, from Adrenaline Sporting Events, says that is down to what it offers as both a race and destination.


“Obviously, we attract some super athletes but the fact that it is well supported by the community and has things like a Wilfred Owen-themed, unique, medal makes people like coming here,” said Alan.

“It’s friendly, it’s nice and they can build it into an experience with the 10K at the core of people coming here.

“But if they come a day early then they can go to Chirk Castle, go to a nice restaurant and have a nice weekend here, and probably for an affordable amount.

“Oswestry 10K could be at the core of why they come but they can go to one of the best bookshops in the country, they can go to amazing castles, walk across an amazing aqueduct or go to a great spa.

“They can do quite a lot for a nice amount whereas one of the bigger cities mentioned in the list could be a different experience.”

Alan admitted he nearly did not see the listing and was left agog but delighted by the announcement and said he was proud.

Alan added: “You want to give runners a good time and showcase our lovely area, working with partners and stakeholders but I never envisaged that this would pop up on the radar.

“When you’re seeing a list of great events in big major cities including London – there’s no other small towns on that list – makes it wow.

“We weren’t aware of it but on Tuesday morning, I was doing our social media checks and I nearly didn’t check it because I thought there’s no way we’d be on that.

“I don’t know what made me click on the link and I never even in my wildest of dreams did think Oswestry would be on that shortlist.

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“I almost did a comedy double take – I said to my partner Jane that ‘you’re never going to believe this’ thinking it would be a generic running post.

“But she was like ‘Oh my God’.”

The race is on Sunday, October 13 and for more, head to https://www.adrenalinesportingevents.co.uk/oswestry-10k-run-running-event/