THE HOT SPOTS in Oswestry for picking up a parking ticket have been revealed.

The Advertizer has raided Shropshire Council’s data for all on-street and off-street parking tickets dished out by the authority between January 1, 2018 to May 30 last year.

Shropshire Council, according to the data it holds on penalty charge notices (PCN), has three off-street car parks – Beatrice Street, Festival Square and Oak Street – with 1,793 PCNs given out across all.

Festival Square had the most for off-street parking with 796 charges across the years for offences such as overstaying after the time limit or parking incorrectly in the bays.

For on-street parking, Beatrice Street was also high on the list for PCNs across the time period, with 741 PCNs given out by Shropshire Council wardens in that time.

However, Beatrice Street is still far behind Willow Street which is the only street to have seen treble figure PCNs given out across all years.

A staggering 1,917 PCNs were given out in Willow Street, many for parking for longer than permitted but also for parking in loading bay.

Surprising to some, and with maybe much more to come following the changes implemented in the road, there were only 1,197 PCNs given out in Church Street

Two more roads where a high volume of tickets were given include Thomas Savin Road, which leads drivers from Gobowen Road to the medical centre, and around 800 PCNs there.

In Albert Road, which connects York Street to Castlefields, there was also a high number of notices handed out with 887 between 2018 and 2023.

Other hot spots to feature on the list included both Bailey Street and the Bailey Head which, despite not handing out any tickets at all in 2018, still gave out more than 100 across the time period.

The Cross also saw hundreds of PCNs handed out in the same period, with New Street, King Street, Leg Street and Oswald Road all featuring heavily as places to not park if you want to avoid a ticket.

Not all streets have been recorded on the map, with some recording fewer than 10 tickets across the whole five-year time period.