RESIDENTS of a main road in Oswestry say they are “exhausted” by flooding after relentless rain left water lapping at their doorsteps.

David Eccleston lives only a few metres from Gobowen Road and has spent the past 10 days worrying about flood water on the road - meaning he has been unable to go to work.

He said water levels on the road have continued rising overnight between New Years Day and Tuesday, January 2, and that water has now entered his garage, being only two inches away from flooding his home - something that has happened before. It follows several days of high water levels on the road.

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Mr Eccleston, who owns a specialist car selling company for new drivers outside town, said: “We need to wear wellies to get out of the house.

“We’ve been waking up at all hours of the night to check that the water hasn’t entered the house.

“Last night we woke up at 3am to put sandbags around the house.”

Around his home he has measured six to seven inches of water, but in his garden the flood is as deep as one foot.

Border Counties Advertizer: Flood water levels near David's home, compared to his wellies.Flood water levels near David's home, compared to his wellies. (Image: David Eccleston)

He added: “It gets deeper overnight.

“Everyone is exhausted and if the water rises even two more inches it will get into the kitchen again.

“In 2020 we had to move all our furniture upstairs and had no power due to the floods.

“But even so no help has been offered by any of the authorities.”

Border Counties Advertizer: Flood water enters homes near Gobowen Road in 2020.Flood water enters homes near Gobowen Road in 2020. (Image: David Eccleston)Mr Eccleston also explained that he can not go to work, as he can’t leave his property in case the water does enter his home.

He continued: “I can’t go to work and I am losing my income.

“With 10 days of barely any sleep we are pulling our hair out.

“And I am not even the only one, my neighbours are in the same situation.”

Alongside residents, motorists who frequent the road are also frustrated.

Gaz Johnson, who lives in Morda but has family in Gobowen and drives down the road regularly, said: “There is no way to turn around, and you can only pass on the right side, but that creates traffic build-up.

“There is also no light in the area and that can cause more people to get stuck.”

Border Counties Advertizer: Gobowen Road flooding.Gobowen Road flooding. (Image: David Eccleston)

The problem has previously been linked to a culvert nearby, which Shropshire Council has said is damaged by roots, while Cambrian Heritage Railway (CHR) says it is an issue with the age of the pipe carrying the water away.

The trust says it does commission cleaning of the railway culvert.

Rob Williams, chairman of CHR, added: “It is an area known to be at flood risk, and we do sympathise with the residents, but we keep our culverts maintained and clean."

In a previous statement, Mark Barrow, Executive Director of Place said the council is aware of the issues, and they believed that the capacity of the downstream stone culvert under the Cambrian Rail line was impacted by tree roots.

Oswestry Town Council has also been contacted for comment.