AN OSWESTRY business says it is delighted to announce it has moved into an ‘iconic new home’ after taking the keys this week.

Pop Creative, a ‘pioneering’ digital agency renowned for its expertise in website user experience, has announced its acquisition of the iconic Ironworks building located in Church Street.

This strategic move marks a significant expansion for the agency, driven by its impressive growth and vision for the future.


Adrian Grindley, the owner and founder of Pop Creative, said he was delighted to be taking on the building as the company’s new home.

He said: “The Ironworks building was a perfect choice for us to work in and expand our operation.

“It's not just about gaining more space – it's about embedding ourselves in the heart of the community we cherish."

He added that the agency's relocation to this historic site is seen as a bold step in ‘harmonising’ Oswestry's rich heritage with cutting-edge digital innovation.

He believes that Pop Creative's ambition extends beyond just being a workspace and that he envisions the Ironworks as a beacon of digital creativity and learning.

He added: "We want this building to become a creative digital hub.

“Our plans include offering workshops on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specifically tailored for local businesses.

“Furthermore, we aim to conduct training sessions on digital marketing, particularly beneficial for small businesses in our community.

Adrian added that the initiative is expected to position Pop Creative not only as a leader in online technology but also as a catalyst for digital education and innovation in Oswestry.

He said: “By bringing state-of-the-art digital resources to the town, Pop Creative is set to create a ripple effect of growth, knowledge sharing, and community enhancement.

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“We hope to bring an agency leading the way in online technology to the heart of the town we love.

"Our goal is to make the Ironworks a hub where creativity meets technology, fostering a vibrant community of digital experts and enthusiasts."

For more information about Pop Creative and their upcoming programs at the Ironworks, please contact