Council tax on second homes in Shropshire will double from 2025 after a decision by Shropshire Council today (December 14).

The council hopes it could bring more properties back into use as main homes while generating an increase in revenue for the council, but the change cannot be applied until 2025.

Under government legislation approved earlier this year, local authorities can apply a 100% premium on second homes but are required to give homeowners at least 12 months prior to the start of the financial year where changes would come into effect.

The changes were agreed as Shropshire Council prepares to set its council tax for the coming financial year.

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Changes agreed for the next year will see domestic properties charged a 100% premium after they’ve been empty for 12 months, instead of the current 24 months, which will add the equivalent of 455 band D properties to the council’s tax calculation for the new financial year.

An existing tax premium on properties which have been empty for more than five years will continue, which sees those policy pay three times the normal rate of council tax, while properties which have been empty for more than ten years will continue to pay four times the amount of regular council tax.

The motion to adopt the changes was approved by a unanimous vote of the council.


“I’m pleased that following the passing of the government legislation that 100% increase can be levied on second homes to help the finances of the council from April 2025, but also to hopefully bring more properties back into use as main residences and increase the supply for both rental and purchase properties,” finance member Gwilym Butler told the council.

“Let me make it clear that this is by no means an attack on the tourist industry and people who run holiday lets, with tourism being vital to this county, but for those who try and hide their second homes as commercial full-time holiday lets without paying appropriately and contributing to the economy and also the council.”

Figures produced by the council show there are around 1,500 new properties eligible for council tax in the area since last year’s calculation.

There are now 150,504 properties in the valuation list for the Shropshire Council area, compared with a figure of 148,938 in the list at the same time last year – an increase of 1,566 properties overall, or 1.05%.