A DECISION with ‘significant implications’ is needed from Oswestry town councillors over the transfer of ownership of The Centre, a report has said.

Town clerk Arren Roberts has put together the report setting out a way forward for competing what he calls a ‘lengthy and complex project to date’ with the town council working with Shropshire to transfer the lease.

In his report, Mr Roberts set out that two elements proving to be obstacles – the condition of the building on the transfer of the lease and also the completion of the lease.


He added: “There are a number of concerns regarding the condition of the survey.

“Oswestry Town Council commissioned an independent assessment in July 2022, and this provided a prioritised list of defects.

“It is evident that a number of issues have been ongoing since the building was first built with the condition of the roof particularly poor.

“The assessor describes it as a high-maintenance building due to its design.

“The failure of the roof coverings has resulted in water damage to ceilings, plaster and other finishes.

“Clearly the only damage detailed on the assessment is that which is evident from a visual inspection. This report cannot provide a detailed breakdown of the building’s deficiencies.

“However, it is important that elected Members are aware of the potential costs of the work.

“Estimates have been obtained for the cost of repairs to the roof and are based on a visual inspection by a local company.”

He added that the cost of running or patch repairs for the building, which officially opened in 2012, would be around £50,000 and it would cost £150,000 to repair the roof.

It would cost £250,000 to put the building into good order which ‘a prospective tenant could not challenge’.

Mr Roberts presented three ‘simplistic’ options for councillors – transferring the lease but not paying for repairs which he rated 2/10.

A second option is for the town council to fund all repairs prior to the lease transfer but there is a gap between both councils’ ownership, which he rated at 8/10.

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A third option, rated 7/10, is that the lease is transferred but the town council cannot find a lease with a partner and fund all repairs.

At Wednesday’s meeting, councillors will be asked to consider whether pausing on the transfer of the lease is the best way forward.

The meeting starts at 7pm.