A CAMPAIGN for better flood protection for residents of an Oswestry cul-de-sac, urged by a town councillor, has garnered the support of a local MP.

Several properties on the Jasmine Gardens and Guinevere Close estate have floodwater inches from their homes.

This is because a small 13-inch culvert – which has previously been blocked – is the only outlet for water which builds up on the fields behind the estate, and floods onto Gobowen Road.

Councillor James Owen represents the residents impacted, and says that Shropshire Council are failing to deal with the problem.

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He said: “Floods are becoming more and more common.

“Back in 2021 Shropshire Council provided Jasmine Gardens residents with a pump to help deal with the issue, but now people can't even get a hold of them even when the flood is inches from their homes.

“Residents have had to fork out almost £1,000 personally between the five houses back in October, and worried they will have to do again with the spell of terrible weather we’ve been having.


“Many of the cars stuck in floodwater lately were on Gobowen Road – there is a real knock-on impact for the whole town by not dealing with this problem properly.”

Several of the cars stuck in floodwater over the past weekend were on the stretch of Gobowen Road opposite Guinevere Close.

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Helen Morgan, MP for North Shropshire, said: “Having seen the problem for myself, I am very keen to see a solution to the problems residents on Guinevere Close opposite Gobowen Road are facing with flooding, and have asked Shropshire Council to take action.

“Residents in Oswestry shouldn’t have to live in fear that if water rises another inch or two it could get into their homes.

“It is important that this issue is dealt with and not kicked into the long grass, especially as we are experiencing such a wet winter.”

Mark Barrow, Executive Director of Place said the council is aware of the issues.

He added: "During intense rainfall events water runs of the fields to a culvert under the Gobowen road.

"Following investigations in 2020 the section under the highway owned by Shropshire Council was found to be free flowing, however the capacity of the downstream stone culvert under the Cambrian Rial line was impacted by tree roots.

"This system then runs in private ownership through industrial park on Wittington Road.

"Shropshire Council have made the Cambrian Rial Trust aware of their riparian responsibilities to maintain the free flow of water though this culvert and the Councils Land Drainge Team have once again contacted the Trust to confirm that maintenance works are taking place."